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There are many reasons why a homeowner may need to find a cash home buyer quickly. Whatever the reason, finding a great cash home buyer in Michigan can be a lengthy process. However, the results are well worth it. In this article, we will discuss what to look for in a quality cash home buyer, and how to find one.

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Criteria for a quality cash home buyer

When looking for the perfect cash home-buying company to deal with, there are three core criteria you should keep an eye out for. These standards will ensure you’re working with professionals who can give you the best deal. Indeed, a company that meets these three checkboxes are more likely to guide you through a pleasant and painless transaction:

1. Knowledgeable

It’s crucial that any cash home buyer you deal with is completely knowledgeable about the process of a home transaction. Like any professional business, you will rely on them for information through each step. That said, a great buyer will know their stuff and can keep you thoroughly informed.

2. Communicative

Going hand in hand with being knowledgeable is being open and communicative. You’ll know you’re doing business with someone who is fair when they are transparent about all questions you ask them. It’s vital that whoever purchases your home includes you in all decisions and gives you relevant updates.

3. Good reviews

The easiest way to determine if an established cash home buyer is worth your time is to read their reviews. If reviews aren’t readily available online, they should provide you with client testimonials per your request. A company that refuses to share this information with you may be exposing a few red flags.

Where to find cash home buyers

All that said, here’s the best places to look when searching for a cash home buyer. We suggest looking in more than one place, and cross-checking companies across various platforms.

  • Google. Regardless of this article, you probably were already planning to do a quick Google Search of cash home buyers. The great thing about Google is that you can find a large number of companies in your area quickly. The main reason to use this particular search engine, however, is so you can check out companies’ Google reviews. Typically on a five-star scale, you can see possible grievances past clients have had as well as standout buyers worth looking into.
  • Craigslist. While Craigslist does tend to have a stigma around it, it can be a surprisingly decent place to find services if you’re a careful researcher. Look at this article about finding buyers on Craigslist by Nick J. By using his aggressive method – and being firm yet concise to all potential buyers – you may certainly find a gem on this site.
  • Yellow Pages. While these hefty yellow books have been mostly forgotten, they’re still a valuable source of contact information for more established cash home buyers. What’s great is that Yellow Pages is now available in search engine form! With a user interface similar to Yelp, you can now sort through house-buying companies with ease, comparing reviews with prices all on one site. Simply add your location and search “cash home buyer”.
  • “We Buy Houses!” Signs. Ever see those side-of-the-road simple signs that exclaim “We buy houses!” and include nothing more than a phone number? You may be surprised to find that many of these are legitimate businesses. One great benefit of these smaller cash home buyers is that they’re local and likely to provide quality, small-business support. If you see one of these signs on the roadside, try giving them a ring.
  • Word of Mouth. One of the greatest influencers is word-of-mouth. Connect with your friends and family and ask for their cash home buyer recommendations. After all, the most trustworthy reviews are from personal connections.

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