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As a homeowner, one of the most stressful experiences in the world is moving houses. From the mountains of boxes to rental truck fees to losing your favorite sweater in the process, moving is one of those hard-to-avoid situations. Luckily, you have us. In this article, we will share four quick moving tips to cut down on costs and frustration.

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1. Declutter before you move

You’ll find that “decluttering” is a recurring theme in our blog, and for good reason. Trimming down your belongings periodically is a great way to stay organized and mess-free. Every homeowner who practices this behavior is in much better shape than those who don’t. In fact, decluttering is perfect for situations like moving. By cropping out belongings you don’t need, you create space to organize and keep track of your actual necessities. Not to mention this will save you loads of trips, boxes, and headaches!

2. Sort out the costs in advance

Unfortunately, many homeowners decide to look up rental truck and storage unit fees the day they move or just before. Unsurprisingly, they’re confronted with prices higher than they expected. To avoid this trouble, take a moment or two to research competing moving companies and other costs at least a week prior to making the move. That way, you can budget properly and even inform yourself on alternative moving ideas. For example, depending on how far you’re going, it might be cheaper to ship some belongings via the postal service rather than hauling it with you. There’s an endless supply of cost-savvy moving tips available to you, such as the ones outlined in this article by The Spruce.

3. Organize belongings by room

Some people organize their moving boxes by item size, some by item category, even sometimes by color. Instead, we recommend organizing your belongings by room. If you already have an idea of your new home’s layout, then you should generally know which items go in which room. By putting all kitchen stuff together, all master bathroom stuff together, and so on, you save a huge chunk of time that might’ve been spent on searching. Cut the frustration out of your day and just keep everything together by room. For an in-depth look at organizing moving boxes, check out Oz Moving’s article.

4. Map out the fastest route

Regardless of how far you’re traveling, any move can be made time efficient if you plan out the shortest route. Often, homeowners throw the address into Google Maps as they’re departing. However, apps don’t often take into account the gas stops, food runs, and bathroom breaks you’ll need. Even if you’re traveling just a short distance, be sure to take shortcuts and traffic-free backroads into account. The shorter your travel time, the quicker your moving process will be.

Bonus tip! Consider hiring a mover

When you start to take action, often times you’ll find that moving is a lot larger of a task than when you were planning it out in your head. Consider hiring a moving company to handle the transport of boxes and large items. You’d be amazed at how hiring the right company can make a move significantly easier.

Not sure how to hire a moving company? Have no fear! The nice folks over at consumersadvocate.org have put together a thoroughly researched report on the best moving companies.

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Winter is over and spring has sprung. With the new season, homeowners look to the internet for ideas on reinvigorating their property space. In this article, we will share 5 low-cost home improvement ideas to try out during the springtime. These great tips can make your living space feel brand new, refreshed, and ready for the new year.

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5 spring home improvement ideas

Before we begin, we suggest you set a budget and make a quick timeline. Any home improvement project requires care and organization for the best results, so it’s best to alot a set amount of time and money before you begin. Luckily, all of our tips are relatively low-cost and quick to accomplish. So let’s get into it!

1. Spring cleaning

What better time to declutter your home than in the spring? While there are tons of resources available to you about spring cleaning, the easiest method is to go room by room. First, we suggest sorting out items you no longer need, which you can then donate or toss. Once you’ve decluttered a room, be sure to clean it thoroughly before moving on to the next. Of course, this includes vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, wiping down windows, etc. For a complete guide, Reader’s Digest has a great Spring Cleaning Schedule you might want to check out.

What benefits do you gain from spring cleaning? Firstly, you now have a fresh, clean, clutter-free home. From here, you can explore other home improvement options such as decorating and painting without worrying about a mess to work around. Undoubtedly, cleaning out one’s house is an amazing start to the year and great for your health!

2. Spruce up your lawn

There’s no better season to tidy up your lawn than springtime. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to neglect their lawns, even after winter’s relentless storms. Reclaim your outdoor space from harsh weather. Give the grass a trim, clean up the pool, and maybe even start a garden. This is also a great opportunity to look into new, low-cost lawn fixtures. Check out this article for affordable tips on how to decorate your outdoor space.

3. Switch up your interior

You might’ve loved the look of your family room when you first completed it, but how does it make you feel now? Eventually, every homeowner feels the need to upgrade their living space. You don’t need to break the bank to give your home a whole new vibe. Replacing fixtures such as lamps, rugs, frames, and wall decorations can give any space a completely refreshed look. In addition, we encourage you to play with new patterns, colors, and textures. In fact, just switching out the coasters on a coffee table and the cushions on a sofa can make your living room feel much newer.

4. Paint, paint, paint

We find that a big contributor to the dated look of a house is worn paint. If your walls or doors have become victim to stains or cracks, consider taking a day or two to splash on a fresh coat of paint. This home improvement project is a great way to revitalize the home and experiment with new colors. No environment is more inviting than a freshly painted home in the springtime!

5. Take a look outside

Don’t forget to inspect the exterior of your home as well. Winters in Michigan can be quite harsh on your property. In response, show the house a little care by cleaning the gutters and making small repairs. In particular, you should focus on soft spots in the wood. This can indicate decay or rot. Since you need your property to remain sturdy for the seasons to come, it’s best to patch up your home during the springtime. StructureTech has a great exterior home improvement checklist to guide your inspections.

Reach out if you have any questions!

We hope you found some inspiration from our spring home improvement tips. Springtime is the perfect season to refresh one’s living area, so we encourage you to dive right in. In no time, you’ll have a home that feels just brand new!

In addition to providing household tips and tricks, we purchase homes around Macomb County for a fair cash price – no repairs needed! You can rest assured our services are quick, secure, and professional. In addition, you don’t have to pay any closing costs! For more information, please feel free to explore our website or reach out to us at 586-200-1710.

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