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Sell Parents' House Siblings

People often look to sell their parents’ homes to siblings when their parents reach an age where they can no longer manage their own assets. Selling your parents’ house to a sibling often seems much easier than going through a real estate agent. However, you should be aware of the challenges that come with selling your parents’ house to a sibling.

Selling Your Parents House

Usually, when people become elderly or reach a certain age, they’ll leave one of their children in charge of their assets. If your parents have given you the responsibility of managing their assets, and you want to keep your parents’ home in the family, then you may want to sell your parents’ house to a sibling. Selling to a sibling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to sell your parents’ house, but it does come with some difficulties.

Challenges When Selling Your Parents’ House to a Sibling

A common problem that you could run into when considering selling your parents’ house to a sibling is the financial status of your sibling. You have the responsibility of selling the house, and if your sibling can’t afford it, you’ll have to tell them no. Telling a sibling no can be difficult, but you have to do what’s best for your family.

This issue can be accentuated when siblings don’t understand that you need to sell your parents’ house to pay for care. Paying for the care and well-being of your elderly parents can be expensive. Therefore, you may need to sell their home for a significant amount of cash. If your siblings can’t afford it, that could be a problem.

Another problem that people run into when trying to sell their parents’ house to a sibling, is deciding which sibling to sell to. If you have multiple siblings, it may seem unfair to sell the house to one and not the other. This predicament could lead to internal arguments or family difficulties.

If you want to avoid this issue altogether, you should consider putting your parents’ house on the market. This is the fastest way to sell your parents’ house and it allows you to avoid the drama that comes with selling to siblings.

For Sale By Owner

Sell Parents' House Sibling

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to sell your parents’ house to a sibling, the next thing you may consider is the for sale by owner option. Many people choose to go this route because it allows you to avoid the hassle of dealing with a real estate agent, and you keep more of the profit. However, without proper marketing, it may take longer for the house to sell.

For sale by owner sales can be difficult because it requires a lot of responsibility on behalf of the seller. First, you have to do a lot of market research to determine what the best price to list parents’ house is and then there’s another slew of problems.

Once you’ve determined what price you’re going to list the house at, you have to decide where you’re going to list it. You could, for instance, list it on the internet. But you’ll have to do some research to figure out how to get the most exposure.

Further, if you’re selling your parents’ house by yourself, it can become really time-consuming. If you aren’t going to sell your parents’ house to your siblings, they may not be willing to help you out.

Another thing to consider is potential repairs. It’s not uncommon for seniors to have problems with their homes because they can’t manage maintenance at their age. If a prospective buyer wants to have the home inspected and the house doesn’t pass inspection, you’ll be responsible for paying for repairs. Repairs can be time consuming and costly, which defeats the purpose of selling the home yourself.

At this point, you may have decided that it doesn’t make sense to sell your parents’ house to siblings, and the for sale by owner option doesn’t seem any better. You might be considering the traditional route of going through a real estate agent. However, that isn’t necessarily any easier or less time-consuming.

While all this may sound discouraging, there is still one great option that will allow you to sell your parents’ house fast and easily.

Sell House for Cash

Sell PArents' House

Up to this point, you’ve determined that selling your parents’ house to a sibling won’t work, and for sale by owner isn’t a great option either. The quickest and easiest way to sell your parents house, is to sell it to a cash buyer.

The fastest and easiest way to get cash for your parents’ house is to sell to a cash buyer. Many trustworthy investors can get your parents the funds that they need quickly and easily. Those funds can then go towards any care or special accommodations that they might need.

Cash buyers don’t require you to make any repairs on the house. Further, selling to a cash buyer allows you to save time and money on advertising. Selling to a cash buyer will enable you to get the house off of your hands and to focus on what’s important- your parents and their needs.

You’ll have cash in hand to get them settled in a new environment. Also, you’ll be able to avoid realtors. You can even avoid having people walk through the house for showings. This is a bonus because seniors usually don’t like having strangers in the house. If you want cash quickly and without the hassle, this is the best option.

Best of all, you won’t have to make a decision between siblings. The sell house for cash option is a great alternative for selling your parents house.

Sell Your Parents House for Cash Today

There’s no need to stress about how to sell your parents’ house. Don’t worry about selling it to your siblings if that’s stressful. Don’t fret over a for sale by owner strategy either. If you want to sell it today, there’s an easy way to do that. At Buymi.house, we specialize in closing on houses quickly. We know that you have more important things to worry about. We want you to be able to focus on those things instead of stressing about your house.

Do you have a question about the house selling process? Do you want to get a cash offer on your home? Even if you don’t decide to sell, we’d love to answer any questions you might have. Give us a call today at (586) 200- 1710.

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As a homeowner, one of the most stressful experiences in the world is moving houses. From the mountains of boxes to rental truck fees to losing your favorite sweater in the process, moving is one of those hard-to-avoid situations. Luckily, you have us. In this article, we will share four quick moving tips to cut down on costs and frustration.

Black dog peeking out of a cardboard box.

1. Declutter before you move

You’ll find that “decluttering” is a recurring theme in our blog, and for good reason. Trimming down your belongings periodically is a great way to stay organized and mess-free. Every homeowner who practices this behavior is in much better shape than those who don’t. In fact, decluttering is perfect for situations like moving. By cropping out belongings you don’t need, you create space to organize and keep track of your actual necessities. Not to mention this will save you loads of trips, boxes, and headaches!

2. Sort out the costs in advance

Unfortunately, many homeowners decide to look up rental truck and storage unit fees the day they move or just before. Unsurprisingly, they’re confronted with prices higher than they expected. To avoid this trouble, take a moment or two to research competing moving companies and other costs at least a week prior to making the move. That way, you can budget properly and even inform yourself on alternative moving ideas. For example, depending on how far you’re going, it might be cheaper to ship some belongings via the postal service rather than hauling it with you. There’s an endless supply of cost-savvy moving tips available to you, such as the ones outlined in this article by The Spruce.

3. Organize belongings by room

Some people organize their moving boxes by item size, some by item category, even sometimes by color. Instead, we recommend organizing your belongings by room. If you already have an idea of your new home’s layout, then you should generally know which items go in which room. By putting all kitchen stuff together, all master bathroom stuff together, and so on, you save a huge chunk of time that might’ve been spent on searching. Cut the frustration out of your day and just keep everything together by room. For an in-depth look at organizing moving boxes, check out Oz Moving’s article.

4. Map out the fastest route

Regardless of how far you’re traveling, any move can be made time efficient if you plan out the shortest route. Often, homeowners throw the address into Google Maps as they’re departing. However, apps don’t often take into account the gas stops, food runs, and bathroom breaks you’ll need. Even if you’re traveling just a short distance, be sure to take shortcuts and traffic-free backroads into account. The shorter your travel time, the quicker your moving process will be.

Bonus tip! Consider hiring a mover

When you start to take action, often times you’ll find that moving is a lot larger of a task than when you were planning it out in your head. Consider hiring a moving company to handle the transport of boxes and large items. You’d be amazed at how hiring the right company can make a move significantly easier.

Not sure how to hire a moving company? Have no fear! The nice folks over at consumersadvocate.org have put together a thoroughly researched report on the best moving companies.

Do business with Buy MI House!

For more household tips and tricks, be sure to explore our blog. If you’re in the process of selling your home, consider doing business with us! We purchase homes in the Macomb County, Michigan area. When you sell to us, you avoid lengthy transactions, mountains of paperwork, and household repairs. In addition, there’s no closing costs! For inquiries, please check out our website or call us at 586-200-1710.

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Mailbox outside of a residence.

All homeowners eventually have to go through the daunting task of selling their home. In fact, for many people, this year will mark the first time they’ve ever sold property in their lives. In this article, we hope to educate you on the best path you can take in this tricky process. Here are three different methods for selling your residence in the United States.

Sell your home to a house-buying company

House-buying companies, also known as property investors or cash home buyers, are businesses that purchase your house for a fair cash price. This type of house-buying is an increasing trend in today’s economy with a proven, painless process. We won’t go into too much detail on house-buying companies in this article. However, if you want to learn more, check out our blogs on how to find a good house-buying company and reasons to sell to a cash house buyer. For now, we’ll break down the pros and cons for you.


  • Enjoy a quick transaction (can take as little as under a week).
  • You both agree on the price offered.
  • There’s no need to make repairs (they will flip your home after purchase).
  • No heavy paperwork.
  • No commission or closing costs.
  • You won’t have to market your property or appeal to purchasers.


If you’re interested in learning more about house-buying companies, we encourage you to do your research. These businesses are quick, easy purchasers with years of experience under their belt.

Sell property through a realtor

Selling your property through a realtor is the common, traditional route. Indeed, this method is tried and true, which is why so many people take the realtor path. However, if this is your first time selling property, be sure to educate yourself thoroughly. Many people don’t realize the amount of fees and time commitment needed when selling through an agency.


  • Realtor is knowledgeable about the area, process, and other sale-related factors.
  • Your house will probably get more exposure to potential buyers.
  • A lot of the stress of selling your home yourself is taken care of by the realtor.
  • Realtors are experts in their field and can answer questions.


  • Paying commissions.
  • Paying closing costs.
  • Draining money into making repairs and staging your home.
  • Being only one of many clients your agent may have.
  • Possibility of home sitting on the market for longer than you’d like.

Indeed, while real estate agents are professionals, they’re still at the mercy of the market like anyone else. This means that you’re not guaranteed a speedy sale or ideal profit.

Sell on your own (FSBO – For Sale By Owner)

These days, many people elect to sell their home themselves rather than through a real estate agent. As newer generations become familiar with DIY-culture, and search engines make a vast wealth of information available to us, people are more confident in their ability to do things themselves. However, for novice house sellers, putting property on the market can be overwhelming if they don’t know what they’re in for. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of selling a home by yourself.


  • You have your own timeline and can proceed at a pace comfortable for you.
  • If you need help, the internet is always available.
  • You don’t have to pay commission costs, closing costs, or other fees to a third party agent.


  • You have to draft your own paperwork, prepare your own showings, and research all selling factors.
  • Marketing your home can be incredibly difficult.
  • Your home may get less exposure if you have a small or nonexistent network.
  • You may still have to pay for repairs or stage your home.
  • The process is time-consuming and stressful.

If you are set on selling your home yourself, Forbes has a great article that breaks down a few tips which may be helpful to you.


All in all, selling your home is a different experience for all homeowners. The method you choose should be the one that best accommodates your needs. If you’re looking to cut out costs, consider avoiding real estate agents. If you don’t want to deal with stress, try not to sell by yourself. Of course, we encourage you to investigate further to make a decision that will ultimately benefit you in the end!

Ready to do business?

If you’re in or around Macomb County, Michigan and want to sell your home fast, connect with us! We’ll purchase your property – repairs and all – for a fair cash price. For more information, feel free to explore our website or reach out to us at 586-200-1710.

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Preparing your home for sale can be just as lengthy a process as marketing it. In order to encourage buyers to bite, your property should be spotless, inviting, and well maintained. In this article, we’ll share four initial steps to take before you actually begin selling your home. If you prefer to sell your home fast and hassle-free, scroll to the bottom for information about house-buying companies.

Ways to prepare your property

Clean and bright kitchen.

Step 1: Declutter and clean

Before initiating any sort of sale process, your first step should be to clean and declutter. First, get rid of any personal items that are only adding mess to your home. This includes old papers, clothes, baby toys, even bulky furniture. Don’t forget to declutter those hard-to-tackle areas, such as the garage, shoe closet, and attic. Once you’ve rid your home of unneeded items, dust and disinfect every corner of every room. Be sure to target your window sills, under furniture, and other hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning and decluttering your home gives you a fresh canvas to begin the selling process. Not only this, but buyers are likely to be more attracted to the property when it’s spotless. In addition to these benefits, you’ll enjoy a shorter packing and moving period when the time comes. Not to mention having a clean environment gives you a clearer, stress-free headspace.

Decluttering can be overwhelming and time-consuming if done improperly. For actionable tips, check out Budget Dumpster’s article on how to declutter your home.

Step 2: Make a list of repairs

Crucial to any property sale is knowing which areas need work. When you have the time, grab a pen and notepad and make your way through the home. As you do this, jot down everything that needs repairs, small or large. Is your faucet leaking? Are there cracks in the wall? Do the cabinets have a squeaky hinge? If so, make note of it.

Even if you don’t plan on fixing these problems, it’s handy to have a list. This way, if a buyer brings up a property issue, you’re prepared and can have a discussion about it. Being knowledgeable about the repairs needed instead of feigning ignorance will make you seem like a more competent and trustworthy seller.

Step 3: Tackle property repairs

Once your list is made, you can go through and make fixes. We suggest working on the small stuff first and budgeting for the big stuff. For example, go through and put some oil on those squeaky hinges. Unclog the drains. Seal up scratches in the tile. After the small tasks are managed, look into the more formidable repairs, such as old carpeting or holes in the wall. You should come up with a budget to see which repairs, if any, you can afford, and set a timeline to complete them. After all, it’s easier to sell a house on the market when your property doesn’t require repairs already.

Step 4: Make final touches

If you succeeded to make it through Steps 1 to 3, great work! Preparing your property for sale is no easy feat, so any step taken is a victory.

The final piece of advice is to make additional changes. This can be anything from opening all the windows to air out strange odors, to throwing some fresh paint on the front door. The little last-minute touches you make is what will really put your home over the competitive edge. Tip: buyers are typically more attracted to bright areas and fresh air, so keep those curtains open. It also helps to dust regularly before any potential purchasers view the home.

Skip the hassle – sell to a house-buying company

Not interested in the time and energy-consuming process of preparing your home for sale? Consider selling to a house-buying company! These businesses are interested in purchasing your home – no repairs needed – for a fair cash price. Want more info? Check out our article on why you should sell to a cash house buyer.

If you live in or around Macomb County, Michigan, we’d love to buy your property off you! For more info on who we are, feel free to explore our website. For inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 586-200-1710.

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Doing business with house-buying companies can mean selling your property to trustworthy home investors for reasonable profit. It can be the best way to sell your home quickly without making repairs or doing lengthy paperwork. However, like all industries, there are scammers who masquerade themselves as professional house-buying companies. The goal of these individuals is to purchase your property for dirt cheap. So how can you determine the difference between legitimate companies and scammers?

Outside the front door of a house.

Characteristics of house-buying scammers

Luckily, there are a few ways to identify house-buying scammers prior to making a sale. Before signing off your house to any company, take a look at our criteria and make an informed decision. Of course, the last thing you want is to sell your house for an unfair, rock-bottom price.

Vague professional presence

Firstly, how did you get in touch with these individuals? Do they have a website or online reviews? If they have cheap or free advertising – such as a vague handwritten roadside sign – try searching up their number. Additionally, if they don’t have a website or any online presence at all, that may be a huge red flag. It’s always best to verify that they’re a legitimate business before initiating a sale.

Poor communication skills

Secondly, how are their communications skills? Do they ask a lot of questions about the home, or do they seem uninterested in the details? Businesses that don’t try to learn about the property may not be interested in giving you a reasonable price. Instead, they may offer you a purchase price remotely. If they don’t even attempt to schedule appointments with you, don’t bother dealing with them. House-buying scammers try to purchase the property with little effort expended on their part.

To add on to this point, ask yourself if they’re pushing you to sell your home. Legitimate cash house buyers are speedy, but will never try to make the seller feel pressured into accepting a deal. The process should feel clean, professional, and stress-free. Did they hire an attorney to fast-track the transfer of title without consulting you? This is a huge red flag. Ideally, legitimate cash house buyers always consult with you throughout the whole process. House-buying scammers, on the other hand, will not give you time to think.

Iffy credentials

Thirdly, how are their credentials? We touch on this a little in the first point when we discussed reviews, but legitimacy goes deeper than testimonials. Can they produce the necessary financial documents needed? Or do they throw bank statements and vague account numbers at you? If they offer too much personal information on the “legitimacy” of their finances, they may be out to scam you.

Characteristics of legitimate house-buying companies

In this section, we will go over the general traits of a legitimate house-buying business. In the previous three points, we discussed professionalism, communication, and credentials. We’ll go over the same three criteria, and tell you how a good company presents itself.

Easy-to-find professional presence

To start off, legitimate cash house buyers often have a website or online profile to share their past reviews. They won’t hide themselves or their track record. A great indicator of a legitimate business is locality. Companies within the community know all about the area and aren’t likely to rip you off.

Great communication

Secondly, legitimate house-buying companies are incredibly transparent throughout the whole process. Before purchasing a home, they’ll always try to visit, whether by attending open houses or viewing the home multiple times. Of course, they’ll inquire about the property, including repairs needed, cosmetic changes made, the house’s history, etc. This is because cash house buyers truly love flipping homes and want to be well informed before committing to a sale.

As mentioned previously, a huge red flag of house-buying scammers is if they pressure you into a sale. Legitimate cash house buyers are only interested in doing business if you’re all in. They will never try to force you into any deal. Additionally, professional cash house buyers won’t contact you through a third party such as an attorney. One-on-one communication is important to legitimate businesses, particularly local ones.

Trustworthy credentials

Finally, be positive on the legitimacy of their credentials. If they can produce legal financial documents prior to making a purchase, they are legitimate. In fact, cash house buyers encourage you to ask them about the process and paperwork needed. Just like you, legitimate businesses are only interested in a streamlined, painless purchase. There should be a natural feeling of mutual trust and professionalism.

Selling your home in Macomb County? Deal with us!

On the topic of professional cash house buyers, consider doing business with us! We purchase property in the Oakland and Macomb Counties for a fair price. Please feel free to explore our website for more information. If you’d like a tentative cash offer for your home, you can do so on our home page. For inquiries or to do business, don’t hesitate to shoot us a call at (586) 200-1710.

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Sell My House Fast to Cash Buyer

If you’re a homeowner in Macomb county and you need to sell your house in a hurry, we, at BuyMiHouse, can help you out. If you’ve inherited a home that you don’t want, or your stuck paying for a house that you can’t afford, one of the quickest and easiest ways to sell your house is by selling your home to a cash buyer like us.

Macomb County is a large county and one of the best places to live in Michigan. The Detroit metro area is filled with history, attractions, venues and there are always homeowners looking to buy homes in this area.

However, while Macomb County is a great place to live, it’s also a very transient area. Many people who live in Macomb County work in Detroit and often, people have to move due to job transfers. The transient nature of Macomb County can lead to a flooded and competitive housing market in the area.

Ergo, if you’re someone who needs to sell your house quickly, you can’t afford to let your house sit on the market for months. That’s where selling to a cash buyer can come in handy.

Sell My House Fast and Easy

Sell My House Fast

Maycomb County has a competitive seller market. It’s going to be difficult to sell your house fast in Maycomb County if you’re using a real estate agent or selling it yourself. However, there are some tips and tricks that I think will help.

Firstly, curb value is something to consider when trying to sell your house fast. You need to make your house stand out. With so many options for prospective homeowners, there has to be something about your house that catches their eye.

You should consider investing in repairs, a new paint job, power washing, or lawn maintenance. Anything that helps distinguish your house will help.

Once you’ve upgraded your homes curb appeal, it’s time to consider the interior. Open houses are a big part of the sales process, and it’s essential that your interior is up to snuff. You should consider remodeling and creating a more modern design in your house to appeal to prospective buyers.

After remodeling your interior, it’s would also benefit you to depersonalize your house. A neutral interior makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves decorating and designing the house the way that they want it. So get rid of any pink walls or quirky decor before your open house.

Sell My House For Cash

Sell to Cash Buyer

Here at BuyMiHouse, we buy houses for cash. Selling your house to a cash buyer is the quickest and easiest way to sell your house quickly.

If you don’t have the time or the money to allocate toward renovations, repairs, open houses and all of the paperwork involved with selling your house through a real estate agent, then you should reach out to us.

When you sell to a cash buyer, an investor will come and inspect your house. The investor will offer you an amount of money for your house based on their appraisal, and once you’ve come to an agreement with the investor, you sign an agreement and the title company handles all of the paperwork.

This whole process can happen over the course of a few days. You don’t have to worry about repairs, remodeling, painting, or any of that. You don’t have to wait for a real estate agent to sell your home in the competitive Macomb County market. There’s minimal paperwork involved, and best of all, you will keep all of the profits instead of paying commissions to a real estate agent.

Sell Your House Now!

If you’re looking to sell your house as quickly as possible, reach out to us at BuyMy.House. We make the process as quick and painless as possible, and you can have cash for your home in just a few days.

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Cash Buyers

You’ve likely seen signs around Macomb county advertising companies who buy houses for cash. You may be wondering who those people are and why they do what they do. There are many reasons that people buy houses for cash and just as many reasons that people sell them. Let’s take a look at what some of those reasons might be.

Why Do Investors Buy Houses For Cash

Buy houses for Cash

People who are investors have several different options. People can invest in the stock market, cryptocurrency, real estate, and several other markets. However, many people find that real estate is the safest market to invest in and they enjoy the control that they have over their investments.

For instance, one can invest in the stock market, but they’ll have no control over whether or not the stock rises or falls. This lack of power is also present when investing in cryptocurrencies and many other markets. However, with real estate, investors typically buy a house for cash, make repairs, add on additions to a home, and add value to a house. People who invest in real estate can personally add value to their investment, and that control is something that many investors appreciate.

Why Do People Sell Their Homes to Cash Buyers

In Maycomb County, people buy and sell their homes to cash buyers fairly frequently. There are several reasons for this. Typically, people sell their homes to cash buyers because they want to get an offer on their homes quickly and without spending money on expensive repairs.

Sometimes, sellers inherit a house from a family member who’s passed away and they can’t afford or don’t want the house. Sometimes, people might purchase a new home and don’t want to go through the trouble of renting out a property. Other times, people may be moving suddenly and need to sell their house quickly.

Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash

There are several reasons that Macomb County homeowners choose to sell their homes for cash. For instance, selling to a cash buyer allows you to keep more of the profits for selling your home. You don’t have to pay a commission to a real estate agent. Selling through a real estate agency typically takes more time, more paperwork, and more hassle overall than selling to a cash buyer.

People also find it difficult to sell their homes on their own. Repairs can be expensive. Advertising and reaching your intended audience can also be costly and difficult. So typically, selling to a cash buyer is the easiest way to sell your home quickly.

How Investors Buy Houses for Cash

When an investor buys a house for cash, they follow a very concise and easy process. First, the investor does an appraisal on the house. They need to know how much they’re going to have to spend to fix the house up and how much they’ll be able to sell the house for after the repairs.

After the appraisal, the investor will make a cash offer to a homeowner. Once the homeowner and the investor agree on a price, they’ll sign a sales agreement. After the agreement is signed, the title company will handle all of the paperwork.

Overall, this process is very quick, very easy, and hassle free when compared to selling your home on your own or through a real estate agent.

Why You Should Sell Your Home to An Investor

sell to cash buyer

Selling your house to a cash buyer will save you time, it will guarantee more profit for you, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle or paperwork that you’d have to deal with if you worked with a real estate agent.

The sales cycle involved with selling to an investor can be a matter of days. If you tried selling on your own or with an agent, you could wait months. You don’t have to worry about financing, you don’t have to worry about clients getting cold feet or advertising. You can simply call an investor and get cash for your house in just a few days.

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Selling your home is a hard enough process, but when your property is also in need of household repairs, the task can seem almost impossible. A million questions can run through your head. How much will it cost to repair my home? How long will it take? The biggest question to ask, however, is: how can I still make a profit?

Interior of a house.

Three main routes you can take

When trying to sell your unmaintained home, there are three main routes most people take. First, you can choose to make the repairs before selling your home. Second, you can try to sell on the market without fixing the property. And third, you can sell “as is” directly to a cash house buyer. We’ll go over these options in a moment, but first, take a look at two initial steps you should take.

Make a list of all household repairs needed

Before making any decisions, scour your home and make a list of all repairs needed. You can view a common list of household repairs here. By taking note of everything wrong with your home, you can then assess the overall damage. This helps you produce a general cost and repair timeline.

Decide whether you can still make a profit

Based on the list of repairs you made, do you think you can still gain profit if you fix them before selling your house? If you have a real estate agent, ask them for their honest professional opinion. Look at other property asking prices in your area and assess whether the costs of your repairs outweighs the average selling figures.

If you can still make a profit, hiring a contractor to make household repairs is a doable option. Otherwise, you should try your hand at selling “as is”.

Three men doing construction on a house.

First route: hire a contractor

When fixing up one’s property, many homeowners hire a contractor or handyman. These workers specialize in household repair. You can search for contractors or handymen in your area on the Homeadvisor website.

While making repairs seems like the obvious choice, there are a few inherent setbacks. Firstly, you have to dish out money. If your goal in selling your home is to make the highest profit, this can be a financial drain. Another setback is that the work put on your property can take anywhere from weeks to years. Hiring a contractor to make household repairs is the most costly and time-consuming option you can take.

Second route: sell “as is” with a realtor

The second common option homeowners take is selling through realtors without repairing one’s home. Beforehand, a few considerations need to be made. You should consult with your agent whether it’s viable to sell “as is”. They are usually knowledgeable about the neighborhood and can make honest opinions on whether your “as is” home can snag bids. In addition, you should visit other open houses in the area to get a grasp on average selling prices.

If you’re selling your property “as is”, your agent will likely request you lower its asking price. Frankly, when a home requires household repairs, it can be harder to sell. Buyers aren’t particularly keen on purchasing homes with problems, so you may have to wait a bit longer for bids. That said, lowering your asking price may shorten the time your property stays on the market. This, however, can leave you with a smaller margin of profit.

Third route: sell “as is” to a cash house buyer

The final option you can take is to sell your home directly to a cash house buyer. Cash house buyers are house-flipping companies that are eager to purchase your home, household repairs included. Just dial the number and they’ll survey your property, offer you a fair cash price, and boom – the process is done.

If you’re interested in working with a cash house buyer, consider connecting with us! We purchase homes in the Oakland and Macomb Counties. Feel free to explore our website for more info, and be sure to reach out for a fair cash offer of your home! You can also call us for any inquiries at 586-200-1710.

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There are countless reasons why you may be selling your Michigan home. Perhaps you’re relocating for work. Maybe your family is growing. In any case, many homeowners suddenly find themselves in the situation of trying to sell their home, and fast. Generally, when you sell your home, your first thought is to hire a real estate agent and get your house on the market. While the traditional route is tried and true, there are common problems with this method. In this article, we will compare the process of selling your home through an agency versus to an investor (ie. cash house buyer).

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Why should you sell your home a cash house buyer?

Whether you call them cash house buyers, house-buying companies, or investors, these businesses want to buy your home quickly and painlessly. Here’s a few reasons you might want to deal with an investor over a real estate agent:

  • The process is shorter. Cash house buyers are just a phone call away. Once you contact them, they’ll set a date to view your home and offer you a fair cash price. Following this, it’s up to you to decide whether you accept the price and want to move forward. There’s no tricks or additional fees.

    Consequently, when hiring a real estate agent, you’re in for a lengthy process of appraisal, staging the home, and waiting for bites. Unlike the traditional route, which can take months or years, cash house buyers can close the sale within a week.

  • The profit is straightforward. When you go the traditional route, your real estate agent takes a slice of the sale. In addition to this, you have to pay closing costs out of pocket. This doesn’t even include the repairs and upgrades you may have to pay to ensure the home is marketable.

    In contrast, cash house buyers offer you a fair cash price before you make business with them. It’s completely up to you to accept or deny this price. No percentage of that goes to the investor, and you won’t have to pay hidden fees. It’s a simple, straightforward transaction.

  • It’s more convenient. The most frustrating part of selling your home through an agency is marketing the property and catering to potential buyers. At any moment, your agent can enter your home short-notice to showcase the house. This doesn’t even include the inconvenience of doling out cash on repairs and upgrades to make it seem more presentable.

    Why go through the hassle? Cash house buyers won’t put you through this trying process. Instead, you agree on a price, sign paperwork by the title’s owner, and can resume your life.

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If you want to sell your home fast and hassle-free, consider doing business with us! We buy houses in the Oakland and Macomb Counties. That said, be sure to explore our website for more information and contact us for a fair cash offer.

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Selling your home sounds simple in theory, but many homeowners can attest that it’s a daunting process. From hiring a real estate agent to making repairs to finding a bidder, selling your property can be lengthy, time-consuming, and expensive. Want to skip the hassle? Consider doing business with a cash house buyer. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of selling your property directly to a house-buying company.

Already familiar with the benefits? Take the next step! Check out our article on how to find a quality cash house buyer. You can also scroll to the bottom to find out how to do business with us!

What is a cash house buyer?

Cash house buyers, or house-buying companies, purchase your home “as is” for a fair cash price. This allows you to sell your home quickly and painlessly. You won’t have to deal with costly repairs or greedy agencies. Rather, you can grab your profit and be on your way in no time at all. All that said, how exactly can you benefit from selling to a cash house buyer?

You will save time

Selling your home to a cash house buyer can take just a matter of days. In fact, the entire process can be done within a week. Additionally, you save time by foregoing on lengthy repairs or updates. When selling a house on the market, homeowners often need to consider property reparations, real estate agents, house staging, and other time-consuming formalities. Alternatively, with a cash house buyer, you can exchange your keys for an agreed-upon price and be on your merry way in no time.

You’re guaranteed a safe transaction

When selling your home to an individual, you may encounter unexpected problems. For example, the buyer might have to finance the home or take out loans. In this situation, you’re not always guaranteed the money straight away. When dealing with a cash house buyer, however, you receive the payment upfront with no tricks or lags. The process is quick and straightforward, saving you time and earning you profit.

You will save money

One of the biggest unwelcome surprises you’ll likely encounter when selling a home is the costs involved. People often don’t realize that repairs are necessary for staging their house. In addition, real estate agencies take a percentage of the house’s sale as commission. This means you don’t receive the full selling cost.

When dealing with a cash house buyer, you receive 100% of the offer made to you, and repairs or updates are unneeded. This is because cash house buyers do what’s called “flip houses”, where they take old, lived-in homes and fix it up for sale later. By dealing directly with cash house buyers, you are skipping the lengthy process of listing your home and waiting for a buyer.

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If everything you just read works for you, consider doing business with us! We buy houses in the Oakland and Macomb Counties for a fair cash price. Forego the closing costs, complicated paperwork, and time-consuming procedure. For more information, explore our website and blog. Head to our home page for a fair cash offer of your property. For any questions, feel free to reach out!

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