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Questions about selling your South East Michigan Home Fast?


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Who is Buy MI House and how can they buy houses so fast?

Buy MI House is a family-owned real estate investment business ran by Kyle and Stephanie Shankin. They are very serious about buying houses and believe in dealing fairly. They are able to pay cash for houses which allows them to buy houses very fast because they do not need approval from banks.

How does the process work for you to buy my (MI) house?

The process is very simple.


  1. Call us directly at 586-200-1710 OR click on the link below that says ‘I Want To Sell My House’ and we’ll give you a call.
  2. We’ll set up a time to come by and see your house when it is convenient for you.
  3. While at the house, Buy MI House can calculate a cash offer for your house.
  4. Once we agree on a price and date to close, we will sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement that Buy MI House will then take to a local title company.
  5. The local title company will prepare the proper paperwork and we will close on the date we agreed upon.
  6. You get your cash! The local title company will either transfer money into your account or give you a certified check.

I Want To Sell My House


Who do you usually buy from?

We buy from people in Oakland and Macomb counties who are looking to sell their house fast.

The situations vary as much as the houses do, but here are the typical situations we encounter:

  • Inherited a house and do not need it
  • House needs repairs owner is not willing or able to make
  • House has tenants that are making the owner’s life difficult
  • Owner is relocating to another area and needs to sell
  • Buying another house and need to sell existing house first
  • Going through a divorce and need to sell a house fast
  • Don’t want to deal with hassles of selling the house using an agent
  • Don’t want to wait months for their house to sell
  • ..and many, many more.

Regardless of your situation, the level of repairs needed, the location of the house, we’d like to make you an offer to buy it.


Will I have to pay for you to come to my house and make an offer?

No! We do not charge you anything to visit your house and make you an offer. Also, if we can’t come to an agreement on price to buy your house, there’s absolutely NO obligation for you to accept our offer. You’re have zero risk.


How do you determine how much you can pay for my house?

This is based off of a few factors, but the biggest ones are:


  1. What other houses in the area are selling for.
  2. How many repairs are needed

We have good relationships with other local businesses that perform construction work, which helps us keep our costs down resulting in a better offer for your house.

Am I restricted to selling to you, or obligated in any way, if I call or submit my information to your website?

No! You are not obligated to do anything with us if you do not wish to.


How long does it take for you to evaluate my house?

Not long. We do our homework before coming out to see your house, so we can usually give you an offer after we’ve done a brief walkthrough. If we can’t give you an offer on the spot, you’ll almost certainly have one within 24 hours of the walkthrough.


If I submit my information to this website, how long will it take to get a response?

If you submit your information to this website during normal business hours (any day of the week, between 8:00am and 5:00pm), we will usually contact you within a few minutes. If you submit your information after hours, we’ll reach out to you first thing the next morning on weekdays. On weekends, we usually will call by 10am.



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